Yan Zhan (詹彦)

Dr. Yan Zhan

2020-Present: Carnegie Postdoctoral Fellow at Earth & Planets Laboratory

August 2022: Assistant Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

About Me

Understanding the dynamics of restless volcanoes helps people be anticipated before devastating volcanic eruptions. Yan Zhan establishs physical models to decipher the early warning from volcanoes such as surface motion, earthquakes, and gas emissions. Yan also develops data-model fusion techniques to make volcanic eruption forecasts possible. The data assimilation framework catalyzes fast iterates of models to describe volcanoes’ behavior by integrating multiple observations from geology, geophysics, geodesy, and geochemistry.

I am new graduate students. More info here.

Photo: Yan at Dealth Valley, 2016 (credit Haley Cabaniss)

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